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Concrete Sealers

SealMaxx Siliconate Sealer

SealMaxx Siliconate Sealer - is a great option for broomed concrete like driveways, patios, porches, and sidewalks. It is a high-tech specially formulated concrete sealer and curing agent. This is the ONLY concrete sealer in the nation that forms a cross-linked resin (internal chain) within the substrate surface. This means that the sealer molecules link together to form a barrier that will significantly minimize water intrusion. Substrates sealed with the SealMaxx SiliconateSealer become stronger, moisture repellent and resistant to stains from oil, gas, grease, salts, and other damaging fluids. While blocking liquids, it allows entrapped water vapors to escape at an optimum rate which facilitates a more productive curing cycle and fortifies the substrate against repeated freeze/thaw cycles. It meets most D.O.T. specs in the U.S. as well as ASTM 309 and 1315 for curing concrete. It comes with our exclusive 10 Year Guarantee which is replacement of sealer to any area that deteriorates after application. Material and labor are included. The quality of the concrete determines the effectiveness of the sealer.

SealMaxx Silicate Sealer

SealMaxx Silicate Sealer - is a great option for garage floors, basements, and warehouses. It’s a colorless, odorless, water-based solution of specialized reactive chemicals that penetrate concrete surfaces to seal, densify, and harden the material. It undergoes a chemical reaction that turns the concrete substrate into a hardened, more densified mass. Surfaces treated with this sealer are not only more abrasion resistant but more resistant to chemicals and water than untreated concrete. This small molecule sealer is often used when a concrete slab needs sealed but there remains a remnant of a topical sealer on the surface. It is small enough to go through the topical sealer and penetrate into the concrete. It is also used as a second application to the Siliconate sealer. It also comes with our exclusive 10 Year Guarantee which is replacement of sealer to any area that deteriorates after application. Materials and Labor are included. The quality of the concrete determines the effectiveness of the sealer.

Concrete Burnishing

Concrete Burnishing - is a great option for warehouses, bay floors at Fire Dept, garage floors and basement floors that don’t have an existing sealer on them. This process gives standard concrete surfaces a beautiful sheen while providing improved resistance to stains and increases surface hardness. A high gloss sealer and high performance densifier is sprayed on the surface and it is spread using a microfiber mop pad for an even thin coating. Then a high speed concrete burnisher will go over entire surface to fuse the sealer to the concrete. This will create a gloss finish. Normally 2 coats are required.

Acrylic Sealers

Water Based and Solvent Based Sealers - are a great option for bare concrete or any concrete surface that already has an acrylic sealer on it, including exposed aggregate. Acrylic polymer resins provide durable protection and a wet-look appearance. They repel chlorides, mildew, stains, reduces dust and scaling, meets low VOC standards and provide superior adhesion. Normally, acrylic sealers need to be reapplied every 2-3 years based on wear and sunlight.

Wood Sealers

Sealmaxx Siliconate Wood Sealer

Sealmaxx Siliconate Wood Sealer - is a penetrating chemically reactive sealer that creates a permanent effective seal against moisture, acids, time and weather. It is great for wood decks, wood siding, fences, log homes, and more. It will minimize deterioration, inhibit mold growth, and increase wood strength and density up to 30%. This wood sealer comes with a 10 Year Guarantee which is replacement of sealer to any area that deteriorates after application. The quality of the wood determines the effectiveness of the sealer. Material and Labor are included.

Coatings, Overlays, and Stains

Decorative Stone and Epoxy

Decorative Stone and Epoxy Overlay is our specialty overlay! Sealmaxx is normally 25% cheaper than the competition on this overlay. The Sealmaxx Team has extensive experience installing these beautiful products. Sealmaxx has the best and cleanest decorative stone that nature has to offer! This is where hand-selected natural stone is mixed with our epoxy resin. Our epoxy is very strong with a compressive strength of 9000 PSI. Standard concrete is 5000 PSI at best. It creates a beautiful overlay that is shiny but not slippery and will draw a crowd! It is troweled down approximately ½” thick. It can be applied over concrete, wood, tile, and steel. Borders, inlays, and logos are also available in the stone. 10 Year Warranty available with the decorative stone.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring – The first thing to consider when applying any type of coating over a concrete substrate is the Adhesion Rating. This will tell you how well the coating will adhere to the surface. Anything under 300 PSI on an Adhesion Rating means that it can be separated from the concrete. That is why cheap epoxies fail due to hot tire pick up. The second thing to consider is the Impact Rating. This will give you insight into the amount of impact the coating can withstand. Anything less than 75 inch pounds on the Impact Rating is poor. The last thing to consider is the Abrasion Rating. This will let you know how much your coating will wear away over time. Anything over 100mg loss is considered poor in quality. Sealmaxx coatings have to hold up to rigorous specs and testing.

There are many different colors, glosses, finishes, and textures of epoxy. Select from our Metallic, High Solids, Color Quartz, Vinyl Flakes, and Epoxy/Polyurethane Combination. Epoxy is a great choice for garages, warehouses, bathrooms, lobbies, and basements if you are looking for a permanent non-porous flooring solution. Whatever your budget or style, we've got you covered (pun intended). Sealmaxx will work with you to choose an option that meets your specifications and your budget. Our skilled installers have been in the industry for over 10 years. 10 Year Warranty available on all Epoxy Flooring Products.

Concrete Stain

Concrete Stain is similar to an acid stain and is great for basements, showrooms or any interior concrete surface. We prepare the surface through abrasion and then add the color dye stain. The stain can either be a single color or two color system to create the beautiful mottled, marble look. A glossy sealer is added to the stain for ultimate protection. The end result is a gorgeous floor that will be sure to impress!